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About tj's swim school

TJ's Swim School Sutherland Shire

Who we are

I’m Tyrone (TJ) Bell one of the owners and the principal instructor at TJ’s Swim School Sutherland Shire. Since starting to teach local kids to swim over ten years ago, I’ve always dreamt of owning and operating my own small swim school in The Shire. Together with my mum and business partner, Tracey we have made this dream a reality in Kirrawee!

We are the proud owners and operators of our very own small and friendly, family-oriented Sutherland Shire swim school – TJ’s! We have a long family history in the Shire, being third and fourth generation Sylvanians! We are thrilled to be joining a prestigious group of local swim school providers that already offer a great service. We hope to positively contribute to this field but add a bit of a different flavour to the mix.

I pride myself on my ability to be able to encourage even the most reluctant child to participate and enjoy their lessons. I am truly passionate about teaching children how to swim and how to be safe in and around the water.

What we do

Our goals are simple: to provide a fun, safe, comfortable and non-intimidating environment for your child to learn to swim, no matter what age or skill level, as we understand that some children don’t cope with large, busy environments. Our team of experienced and dedicated teachers want to put the “fun” into swimming fundamentals and ensure your child looks forward to their swim experience at TJ’s each week whilst learning the basics of water safety and improving their skills.

How we do it

Small class sizes (4:1 for Learn to Swim and 5:1 for Bigs & Littles) ensure that we are able to focus and give more individual, personalised attention to your child during each lesson, which is imperative in the early stages of learning to swim and beyond. 1:1 and 2:1 lessons are also available. 

We have a strong core team of teachers, each one with their own individual teaching style so you’re sure to find the right one to get the best out of your child. We endeavour to make sure your child is kept happy and engaged throughout the lesson using techniques TJ, our principal instructor, has developed over the years. He is also a qualified Disability Aid Worker and Access and Inclusion Instructor and we will be looking to expand on this service in the near future to assist families and individuals with special needs.

TJ's Swim School Sutherland Shire
Learn to Swim Sutherland Shire

How we can help

We understand the pressure that families face with a multitude of options available when it comes to your children and their activities. We hope to assist by offering the following:

  • Active Kids Provider
  • Registered NDIS Provider for Innovative Community Participation
  • Family and multiple class discounts

see the evolution of tj's swim school

our facilities

We’ve put our hearts and souls into what we’ve created and we hope that will be obvious as soon as you walk through the door and feel the cool and welcoming vibe, from our hand painted original artwork out of the amazing minds of our friends Josh and Esa to the little touches we’ve incorporated to make your and your child/children’s time at TJ’s an experience while learning this vital life skill.

Our pool is a custom built 14m x 5m above ground configuration with easy access to the pool deck via either stairs or a platform lift. We have plenty of room and seating on the pool deck to accommodate those watching lessons. All bathrooms are single use to give you plenty of space and privacy and include a separate accessible facility.

We have a downstairs play area where you can keep your other children entertained while you watch lessons live streamed to a monitor.

Water temperature and quality is a priority as we want everyone to be swimming in a warm, comfortable environment and for there to be no concerns about exposure to excessive chemicals.

TJ’s Swim School uses Ozone Swim technology for filtration and sanitisation created by Brauer Industries, a leader in water purification using ozone-based technologies to reduce chlorine levels and effectively eliminate chlorine resistant parasites like cryptosporidium resulting in healthy, odour free, crystal clear water. TJ’s water purification system enhances water quality second to none to ensure you experience the healthiest pool water possible and a wonderfully odour free environment.

The Brauer Purification System reduces chlorine demands by up to 80% and effectively destroys chlorine by-products that are known to cause eye, skin or respiratory irritations. This is especially helpful for swimmers with eczema, asthma or allergies so you can watch on comfortably knowing that your children are swimming in the healthiest water possible, hence the Healthyswim Certification. If you’d like more information on Brauer or Healthyswim, click on the logos.

We understand that running a pool can be a huge drain on power resources so we will be constantly working towards effective management of our facility and systems and looking for ways to keep our pool at a steady 32-33 degrees year-round as well as controlling the internal environment as naturally as possible to keep everyone comfortable and happy. This will be an evolving exercise with our goal being to lessen our carbon footprint and eliminate the need for reliance on large amounts of chemicals to be used or stored on site. Who says it’s not easy being green! 

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CURRENT COVID-19 Management

To ensure that all of you and our staff are as protected as possible and in line with current Public Health Orders, we have put the following measures in place:

  • Anyone who attends must check in using the QR codes provided. Only persons 16 and over who are fully vaccinated will be admitted. Evidence of QR check-in and vaccination status must be provided at reception before proceeding to lessons. If a medical exemption exists, evidence must be provided when checking in at reception.
  • Everyone over 12 years of age must wear a facemask on entering and at all times when inside. If a medical exemption exists, evidence must be provided when checking in at reception.
  • Where possible, all students to have a quick shower before they come to the school for their lesson and be in their swimwear, including caps, goggles and, where necessary, swim nappy, ready to go to avoid the use of bathrooms to change.
  • Arrive at your lesson no more than 5 mins prior or, if arriving early, waiting in a designated area until a staff member indicates we are ready for you. 
  • While you are waiting, please be mindful of social distancing of 1.5 metres from other visitors and use any markers provided as a guide.
  • Limiting to one parent/carer per family (in and out of the water) and avoid bringing other siblings who are not participating in a lesson, if at all possible.
  • Not proceeding to the deck area if the maximum of 18 persons watching lessons has been reached. Lessons can be watched via livestream in the downstairs play area until space becomes available.
  • Requesting everyone who visits read the Action Plan on the front door before entering so you know how we’re working toward minimising risk.

Obviously, these measures will be regularly reviewed and we will continue to monitor and follow Government and various industry body guidelines and advice when making any changes to our action plan.

Please let us know of any queries or concerns you may have. 

We are contactable via our email ( or phone (0499 857 946). 

We look forward to seeing you all poolside!