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Kirrawee, Sutherland Shire, NSW

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TJ’s Swim School is located in the heart of the Sutherland Shire at 62 Waratah St, Kirrawee – just before the corner of Oak Road.

Ironically, we are located right behind the pool supply warehouse!

We have limited off street and assisted access parking on site. There is on street parking available but can be limited during weekday mornings.

Our classes run perpetually throughout the year, including school holidays with closures only over the Christmas/New Year period, public holidays and for maintenance if required. Closure dates are advised well in advance.

As we run year-round and bill monthly, you can enrol at any time and fees will be pro-rated accordingly.

You can request enrolment at the school, over the phone, via email or on our website.

Enrolments will be automatically rolled over each month as long as payment is received.

If you wish to cancel, you just need to give us two weeks’ notice prior to the next billing date.

All children entering Learn to Swim & Survive program will need to undergo an initial assessment by way of a trial lesson to ensure we place them into the correct level.

After an initial discussion regarding your child’s skill level, we will look for availability at a level on a day and time that will work for you ongoing. A fee will be charged for the trial, which is payable prior to the booking being confirmed but there is no obligation to continue after the trial.

Fees are payable at the time of enrolment for that current month, pro-rated for the remaining weeks either in person or over the phone. If you are enrolling after the monthly billing date (the first Thursday of the month) then the following month’s fees will also be added and payable at the time of enrolment.

Payment options are included in the email sent with your initial and ongoing monthly statements.

Ongoing monthly payments are taken via direct debit and accounts are made available through our customer portal and app.

We offer two (2) make-up lessons per month with a ninety (90) day expiry with notice. If a make-up lesson is missed then this lesson is forfeited. Payments for missed lessons are non-refundable.

If you will be away for a period of four weeks or more, you can chose to either drop your enrolment at the end of the month (with sufficient notice) or pay a holding fee to secure your spot for a maximum of four weeks.

If your normal lesson time falls on a public holiday the lesson will not proceed and you will not be charged.

If we have to cancel a class due to issues with the pool or a teacher absence where we’ve been unable to cover, we will offer a non-expiring make-up or, if requested, a credit. These make-ups and credits will not be offered for any previously notified absences and will only apply to current enrolments.


  • For insurance and safety reasons, there is no play swimming allowed before or after the lesson. 
  • Please follow all health and safety rules as advised by the instructor and other staff and as displayed.
  • Swimming caps must be worn during lessons for all levels except Bigs & Littles and beginner Pint-Sized Puffer grades.
  • Reliable brand swimming nappies (reusable preferred) must be worn by all non-toilet trained children.
  • Whenever possible, suitable footwear should be worn in the showers and around the pool.
  • Where possible swimmers should be showered and all swimmers toileted prior to entering the pool.
  • If your child is sick, please do not attend your lesson. Advise us within the windows provided in order for a make-up lesson to be allocated.
  • All open skin areas are to be covered with an occlusive dressing. An occlusive dressing is one which will shut the wound from contact with the water. Band-Aids or similar are not allowed to be worn into the pool. Swimmers with bleeding or weeping wounds should not attend lesson

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CURRENT COVID-19 Management

After the easing of restrictions on Wednesday, 15 December 2021, we made the decision that, whilst still following the advice of NSW Health and current Public Health Orders, we will be operating under the following guidelines: 

• We are aware that there is an extremely small percentage of our families where parents have not been vaccinated. As we work with children all day, who cannot currently be vaccinated, we do not see any further risk by allowing unvaccinated adults in small numbers to attend.

• If you or any member of your family are unwell or showing even minor symptoms, please DO NOT attend lessons, we have a generous make-up lesson policy and will be happy to sort things out. Please stay home, rest up and consider getting testing.

• If you are advised that you, a family member, or close contact has tested positive for COVID-19, you are considered at risk and have attended TJ’s in the two weeks before, please advise us immediately so that we are able to take appropriate action.

• When attending TJ’s, depending upon the weather, we will leave the front doors open between classes to help with coming and going.

  Face masks are encouraged, however, not required.

  Even though capacity limits have been lifted, as an indoor facility, we are still trying to limit excess numbers in the school at a time. Please keep the numbers in your group to a minimum, i.e.:

    1. Learn to Swim – One parent/carer and one other visitor to supervise and watch lessons.
    2. Bigs & Littles – One parent/carer participating with the little one in the lesson and one other visitor to supervise and watch lessons.
    3. Only children or adults who are having lessons, no siblings (of course this is only if your situation allows), bearing in mind that additional children are included in our deck count and could prevent another parent or carer from watching the lesson.
  • Please make sure you use hand sanitiser (either the ones provided or your own) or wash your hands when you enter the school prior to going up to the pool deck.
  • If using the bathrooms, please practice good hand hygiene. We will be regularly cleaning all touch points throughout the day.
  • Please do not go up onto the pool deck until indicated by a staff member or one of the teachers and socially distance from other people on the lower level (there is plenty of space to spread out in reception and play area).
  • Please do not go up onto the deck if the maximum capacity of 18 persons watching lessons (including adults and children) has been reached.  You will need to wait until someone leaves the area before proceeding up to the deck and taking a seat. You will be able to watch lessons on the TV located in the downstairs area until space becomes available on the pool deck.
  • If you are waiting in the play area, please ensure that you socially distance from others.
  • Once on the pool deck, if you are watching lessons, please socially distance from others and sit on the benches, where indicated or on the chairs provided.
  • Showering for the purposes of a quick rinse off is permitted only if absolutely necessary (e.g. where a skin condition exists). To ensure that toilets remain free, please use the showers in the two cubicles attached to the accessible bathroom.
  • Please leave as quickly as possible after your lesson to avoid congestion inside the school and parking area.

These measures will be reviewed regularly, and we will continue to monitor and follow Government and industry body guidelines and advice.