TJ's Swim School Sutherland Shire


Here is a break down of the pricing for TJ’s Swim School – including Bigs & Littles, Learn to Swim, and Private classes. Prices are per child for a 30-minute lesson. Classes are run in line with school terms, and are charged in advance on a per-term basis. These usually vary between 10 or 11 weeks. Flexible payment options are available after registration. 

Please note: a once off $25 registration fee will be charged per child. Prices include GST.


We offer family and group discounts!

For Family – the 1st child will be charged full price then 5% off all subsequent family members.  


For Groups – Applied when booking all spaces in a 30-minute lesson (i.e. 6 children in a Getting Familiar and 4 children in a Going It Alone). This is a good option for friend and family groups that are swimming at the same level – 5% off per child. If two or more family members are booked into a block booking then the 5% discount will apply to all family members. 


Please note: Only one discount (either Family or Block) will be able to be applied to an individual bookingNo discounts apply to private lessons.
TJ's Swim School Sutherland Shire

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Register your interest for TJ’s swim school –  a brand new family owned Sutherland Shire swim school! 

Update on COVID-19 Management

Hope you have all been keeping well, safe and getting through this very unusual time.

On a positive note, it did give us time to slow down construction and have another look at how we can improve TJ’s to be the very best for you when we open. We are just now in the final cleaning stages which will include a full sanitisation before opening. We are also in discussion with Brauer Industries, who supply our filtration and sanitisation system for our pool, regarding installation of their air/surface sanitisation system which will further ensure that the air and surfaces within the school are constantly treated and as clean as possible.

We are hearing through various sources that, with restrictions set to ease in the next few weeks, we may be able to open our doors, which is very exciting. We obviously will not be initially operating at full capacity as we will be putting measures in place to ensure that all of you and our staff are as protected as possible. These measures include:

  • Asking that all students have a quick shower before they come to the school for their lesson and be in their swimwear ready to go to avoid the use of bathrooms to change.
  • Arriving at your lesson no more than 5 mins prior and if possible wait in your car until a staff member indicates we are ready for you. If you are waiting outside, please be mindful of social distancing of 1.5 metres from other visitors.
  • Limiting your visits to one parent and avoid bringing other siblings who are not participating in a lesson, if at all possible. 
  • Requesting everyone who visits read the action plan on the front door before entering so you know how we’re working toward minimising risk.
  • Our instructors will be modifying their teaching methods to minimise any possible contamination whilst teaching and will modify teaching methods and utilise social distancing measures where possible.
  • All staff will be temperature checked on arrival at the school. 
  • Reducing the Bigs & Littles class numbers from 6 to 4 per lesson.

Obviously, these measures will be regularly reviewed and we will continue to monitor and follow Government and various industry body guidelines and advice when making any changes to our action plan. Based on all of this, we have put together a schedule for assessments to begin as soon as we get the go ahead to open. These will be limited to two children per time slot and will be spaced 30 minutes apart to give plenty of time for transition between. The dates will obviously need to be amended, however, this is an opportunity for you to secure a spot for this initial stage. The link to the assessment schedule is available on our home page.

Please let us know of any queries or concerns you may have. We are contactable via our email (enquiries@tjss.com.au) or phone (0499 857 946). 

We look forward to seeing you all poolside very soon!
TJ & Tracey Bell.