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Terms & conditions

TJ’s Swim School standard terms and conditions need to be reviewed, agreed to and signed upon enrolment and prior to commencement of lessons when you are given access to registration on our customer portal (TJ’s Lounge).


Our terms run in concurrence with school terms with specific programs offered during the school holidays. We take enrolments year-round and up to six weeks into each term when fees will be pro-rated accordingly.

Enrolment enquiries can be made in person at the school, over the phone, via email or our website.

Enrolments will be automatically rolled over into subsequent terms if we are not advised that you will not be continuing.  Notice is required two (2) weeks prior to end of term for cancellation of existing bookings.

Enrolment in School Holiday Intensive Programs is one class per day for the full week. No single day/s enrolments will be taken.

All children entering Learn to Swim or School Holiday Intensive Programs will need to undergo an initial free assessment to ensure we place them into the correct level.


Cancellation of an enrolment within the first six (6) weeks of the term will be eligible for a refund for any remaining portion of fees paid. No refunds will be offered for cancellations after the sixth week.

Unpaid enrolments after the first two (2) weeks of term risk being cancelled without notice.

Any unpaid enrolments with unattended classes in the first two (2) weeks of term will be automatically cancelled.


Fees are payable at the time of enrolment for the term or holiday program either in advance and in full via bank transfer,  our customer portal, in person or through direct debit. 

If you require flexible repayment options, we offer monthly direct debit (fees and charges apply). Otherwise, for additional payment options, please contact us for assistance.

If you are intending to use an Active Kids voucher, please forward the voucher to us via email to be applied to your invoice.

Missed Lessons

Absence notification and make-up bookings will only be managed via our customer portal. Make-up bookings are your responsibility, based on availability and are not guaranteed.

We allow two (2) make-up lessons per month with a sixty (60) day expiry, which means they will roll into the following term but only for enrolments which remain current. Cancelled enrolments will automatically forfeit any remaining make-up lessons.

Make-ups are applied and made available once you have missed the relevant class. A notice period of up to two (2) hours prior to commencement of class will apply to all absence reasons. Any absence notifications outside of the two (2) hour notice period will not be eligible for a make-up.

A credit will only be given for classes that are cancelled by us. The credit will be allocated to following term fees. Refunds will only be offered if enrolments are cancelled within the two (2) week notice period prior to end of term and a request made in writing.

If a make-up lesson is missed, then this lesson is forfeited.

If you will be on holidays during the term or in cases of extended illness, please contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Payments for missed lessons are non-refundable.

No refunds or make-ups will be given for missed classes of School Holiday Programs.

Public Holidays

If your normal lesson time falls on a public holiday, the class will not proceed and you will not be charged.


For the welfare of everyone attending our school (students, parents, carers and staff), we have a strict zero tolerance policy for rude or disrespectful behaviour.

If a child displays this behaviour in a class and it is disruptive to other participants there is a three strike system in place where the child will be sat out for a “time-out” period on the first and second occurrence before being allowed to rejoin the class. On the third occurrence, the parent or carer will be asked to remove the child from the lesson.

Any adult who displays this type of behaviour will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

No refunds will be given for a lesson where a child or adult has been removed for not adhering to this policy.

Health & Safety

  • Please review separate document relating to COVID-19 Management.
  • For insurance and safety reasons, there is no play swimming allowed before or after the lesson.
  • Please maintain a safe distance (1.5 metres) from others and use hand sanitiser provided.
  • Please do not allow your child/children to enter the water before the teacher instructs them to do so.
  • Please follow all health safety rules as advised by the instructor or other staff and as displayed.
  • Parents/carers are responsible for their children before and after lessons, as well as any child/children in your care whilst lessons are underway.
  • Please do not allow your child/children to run around the pool or enter the deck areas at either end or back of the pool.
  • Please do not consume any food on the pool deck. Food can be consumed in the downstairs areas at the tables provided.
  • Please remain seated on the benches or chairs provided and refrain from walking around the edge of the pool whilst lessons are in progress unless you have requested to do so. If you would like to be near the pool edge, please utilise one of the white chairs but remain seated during the lesson.
  • Swimming caps and goggles must be worn during Learn to Swim lessons (exceptions will be made for our Pint-Size Puffers levels).
  • Swim nappies are to be worn by all un-toilet trained children. Reusable is the preferred option to assist with movement during the lesson but must be of a reputable brand to avoid any leakage.
  • Please supervise your children in the bathrooms and ensure they are left clean and tidy after use.
  • Whenever possible, suitable footwear should be worn in the showers and around the pool.
  • All swimmers should be toileted prior to entering the pool.
  • If your child is sick, please do not attend your lesson. Advise us via the customer portal within the notification window for a make-up lesson to be allocated.
  • All open skin areas are to be covered with an occlusive dressing. An occlusive dressing is one which will shut the wound from contact with the water.
  • Band-Aids or similar are not allowed to be worn into the pool.
  • Swimmers with bleeding or weeping wounds should not attend lessons.



Whilst we work our way through operating during these extraordinary times and to ensure we, as a community, are doing everything we can to ensure that we all are as protected as possible, we are asking that you read and abide by the measures outlined below.:

  • If possible, please have anyone participating in lessons take a quick shower before coming to the school and be in their swimwear ready to go to.
  • If you or any member of your family are unwell or showing even minor symptoms, please DO NOT attend lessons, we have a generous make-up lesson policy and will be happy to sort things out. Please stay home, get better and consider getting testing.
  • If you are advised that you, a family member or close contact has tested positive for COVID-19, you are considered at risk and have attended TJ’s in the two weeks before, please advise us immediately so that we are able to take action.
  • When attending TJ’s, depending upon the weather, we will leave the front doors open between classes to help with coming and going.
  • Please read the COVID-19 Action Plan on our front door prior before entering so you know how we’re working toward minimising risk.
  • Please keep the numbers in your group to a minimum, i.e.:
    • Learn to Swim – One parent/carer attending to supervise and watch lessons.
    • Bigs & Littles – one parent/carer participating with the little one in the lesson.
    • Only children or adults who are having lessons, no siblings (of course this is only if your situation allows).
  • Please make sure you use hand sanitiser (either the ones provided or your own) or wash your hands when you enter the school prior to going up to the pool deck.
  • If using the bathrooms, please practice good hand hygiene. We will be regularly cleaning all touch points throughout the day.
  • Please do not go up onto the pool deck until indicated by a staff member or one of the teachers and socially distance from other people on the lower level (there’s plenty of space to spread out in reception and play area).
  • Please do not go up onto the deck if the maximum capacity of eighteen (18) persons watching lessons (including adults and children) has been reached. You will need to wait until someone leaves the area before proceeding up to the deck and taking a seat.
  • If you are waiting in the play area, please ensure that you socially distance from others.
  • Once on the pool deck, if you are watching lessons, please socially distance from others and sit on the benches where indicated or on the chairs provided.
  • Showering for the purposes of a quick rinse off is permitted only if absolutely necessary. To ensure that toilets remain free, please use the showers in the two cubicles attached to the accessible bathroom.
  • Please leave as quickly as possible after your lesson.

Obviously, these measures will be reviewed regularly and we will continue to monitor and follow Government and industry body guidelines and advice when making any changes to our action plan.

CURRENT COVID-19 Management

To ensure that all of you and our staff are as protected as possible, we have put the following measures in place:

  • Immediately register for access to our customer app for up-to-date access to our COVID-19 Management Plan.
  • Asking that all students, where possible, have a quick shower before they come to the school for their lesson and be in their swimwear, including caps, goggles and, where necessary, swim nappy, ready to go to avoid the use of bathrooms to change.
  • Arriving at your lesson no more than 5 mins prior or, if arriving early, waiting in a designated area until a staff member indicates we are ready for you. 
  • While you are waiting, please be mindful of social distancing of 1.5 metres from other visitors and use any markers provided as a guide.
  • Limiting your visits to two parents/carers and avoid bringing other siblings who are not participating in a lesson, if at all possible.
  • Requesting everyone who visits read the Action Plan on the front door before entering so you know how we’re working toward minimising risk.
  • Temperature checking all staff on arrival at the school. 
  • Taking contact details of any visitors who are not regular attendees and listed on our database using the QR code located at the main entry.


Obviously, these measures will be regularly reviewed and we will continue to monitor and follow Government and various industry body guidelines and advice when making any changes to our action plan.

Please let us know of any queries or concerns you may have. 

We are contactable via our email ( or phone (0499 857 946). 

We look forward to seeing you all poolside!

TJ & Tracey Bell.